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The Turtle and the Rabbit

The Turtle and The Rabbit are having a race from the Fox's house to the city . The city's name is the Animal Kingdom, and when you reach the outside of the city, you will see a grassy meadow all the way to the Fox's house . The race started on a Monday morning and ended in the afternoon. During the race, Rabbit got lazy and said I will catch up later with Turtle. I can rest since he's so slow . When Rabbit woke up, he found Turtle was about to cross the finish line. Turtle won the race,so Rabbit was mad and said this race doesn't count because we only raced because you were bored. In the end, Rabbit accepted the fact that Turtle had won fairly.

The Beast of the Arctic World

The beast of the arctic is the Arctic wolf otherwise known as (Canis Lupus Arctos ) by scientists. A Gray wolf is slightly bigger than a Arctic wolf . The Arctic wolfs size is 1-1.8 m including its tail. The Arctic wolf also weighs 40-70kg.

An Arctic wolf's muzzle and ears are smaller to keep in body heat. It also has two layers of fur, because of the extreme coldness in the arctic. The Arctic wolf eats mostly hares, muskox, and caribou. This means that it’s a carnivore.

This animal is also not in danger of being killed by mankind because of where it lives. The Arctic wolf can be found in the Arctic Regions of North America and Greenland . Arctic wolves usually live in a cave or by outcrops, because of the arctic weather . Arctic wolves are also very territorial over their land. They might also live alone or in packs depending if they are family or females.

In conclusion, I learned that Arctic wolves scientific name is (Canis Lupus Arctos). I like Arctic wolves even more than before, because of this and now I know what they do to survive in the harsh conditions. I also learned that you shouldn't take for granted what you got and be thankful for it, because if you lived out there life would be hard .

What is Home to You ?

In this movie aliens that are called the Boov come to earth . The Boov remove the humans from their homes , and move to a place the Boov call Humansvail. While this is going on, we meet one of the main characters, Oh, he is also a Boov. The next main character we meet is Tip, she is a human, and she is living in an area that the Boov have not taken over yet . When the Boov arrive, Tip leaves with her cat Pig and takes her mom's hidden car and ends up crashing it . That is when the two main characters meet , and end up working together to find Tip’s mom . In conclusion, I highly recommend that you watch this movie . This movie is a Fantasy/Science fiction film. I really enjoyed this movie.

Manga Rock

Give it back is what I always have to say to my little brother when he runs off with my iPad.

When I get my iPad back, he always runs off, but I don’t mind it because I got my reading tool back. Manga Rock is the app I use most besides Youtube. Manga Rock is an app where you can read Manga. When you are in this app, you can read any Manga book there is for free. This app is awesome because as long as you started to read a book, you can read it without internet. You can also download Manga you really like, or put it in your favorites space. In my case, I put books I might be interested in my favorites to get there easy . The reason I like this app is because I can read for free.

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