AKsoaps needs Supporters

An upstart health and beauty product company!

AKsoaps: A History

Hello, my name is Amanda Kemmerer. I would like to share with you this… okay. I’m going to get carried away with the pop culture references so I’ll stop this one here.

All cheesy Book of Mormon jokes aside, I am Amanda, and I’m an aspiring theatre actress, commuting from Philadelphia to NYC on a pretty regular basis. But, with my hectic schedule, both personal and professional, a job has yet to really fit into it.

So, I looked into myself what I like to do that doesn’t involve applause and a curtain call. Upon relentless soul searching, I came up with crafting. Living around the corner from a big chain craft store my whole life, that’s always been a therapeutic outlet for me; watching the pattern of a cross-stitch come in to view, painting a ceramic figure. It’s been my ‘me’ time.

Recently, and as a happy though uncomfortable coincidence, I’ve also come to find that the allergies I’ve always had to soaps and dyes are worse than ever. The soaps and cosmetics I’ve always used are becoming near unbearably irritating. What was my solution? Make them myself, of course! That way, I can monitor exactly what goes into them and know that they’re only the best ingredients.

Plus, with the demands that my body, along with those of some of my friends and castmates, put up with through the vigors of rehearsals and shows, sometimes it’s certainly nice to know that there’s someone out there who gets it.

As an actor, it stands to reason that I’m a big fan of theatre, television, literature, and film. Needless to say, as a fun bonus, this project will also give the opportunity to play around with a ‘fandom blend’ line, so certainly keep an eye out for products based on witches and wizards, aliens with blue boxes, displaced fairy tale characters, folks toting wolf, dragon, and lion sigils, sexy surgeons, consulting detectives, show choir teens, and much much more!

So, what's the sitch?

In order to get this project on it’s feet, I need a nest egg with which to get the first batch of ingredients and to cover some of the early shipping. About $800 dollars is what I’m asking. That would cover the initial cost of a basic start-up: A few varieties of a few items, enough to get the word out and leave room for expansion.

Basically, our perks are presale sample items! Yay! The first batch plans for bar soaps, lotion, sugar scrub and bath bombs. (To put it into perspective for you, the same list of items on the $25 perk list would come out to $37.45 USD plus tax and shipping from Lush and their products aren’t quite as big. Comparable, but not quite.
If the entire goal isn’t met, you’ll still get your products (or some combination of the products that were in your perks if a particular item didn’t make it into the mix with the funds received.) Every penny over and above the $800, if that happens, will be greatly appreciated!

I can't pay the bills yet, 'cause I have no skills yet!

So, I totally get that some of you might not be able to donate, but please signal boost. Send it around on Facebook, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, email chains (do people still do that?). Even word of mouth is publicity. Please, anything you could do would be of the greatest help!

You can even just send a tweet to @AKsoaps or an ask to our tumblr (ak-soaps.tumblr.com) to show support, well wishes or even any ideas you might have for the fandom blends!. Also, like us on facebook at AKsoaps to be kept up to date as well!

For future reference, the indiegogo should go live 9/1 barring any complications and the etsy shop will go live some time in November, after the campaign is over!