By: Makenna VanSickle

Theme: Courage

  • Sounder had to have courage to try to save his master from getting taken to jail. The boy's mother had to have courage to do some of the father’s work and believe that he will come home. The boy's father had to have courage, reassurance, and believe in himself to steal the meat and take the blame and also go to jail. The boy had to have courage to go search for his father.

Summary of Article

Rosa Parks was a courageous woman. She didn’t move for a white man or the bus driver [James Blake] because she wanted to stand for human rights. She wanted us all to be equal and have equal rights. She didn’t want every person with different color skin to be excluded. She wanted them to be the same no matter what skin color, race or religion.

Anticipation Guide

  • The statement ' Being able to attend school is a privilege' I agree and here's why: Some children and adults can’t attend school. Some people can’t pay money for their children and themselves to go to school. Different skin colors could and can affect children being let into schools.

Summary of video

  • Summary: This is a video about animals that saved people from dying. The first one is about a surfer who gets attacked by a shark. A pod of dolphins come and save him from getting killed. Later in the video, Kerry the horse was owned by a woman who just had cows and horses. When she was trying to take a cow’s baby into the barn the calf started calling to it’s mother. The cow and started charging at the woman. Lucky, Kerry was there and started hitting the cow, pushing the cow in the other direction.

A Father, daughter, dog.

How is a father, daughter, dog alike to Sounder? The boy’s and woman’s fathers were both old and the boy’s and woman's fathers died peacefully. They both had dogs and the dogs helped the fathers a lot.

How are they different? The boy’s father never yelled at him and was a sharecropper and the woman’s father was a lumberjack and yelled at the beginning of the story because he was depressed and angry.


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