Gathering Information Chart on Elements by Jasmina Ohl


  • Neon was discovered by Sir Ramsay, Morris W
  • Discovered shortly after the discovery of the element Krypton
  • Found In 1898 at London, England
  • The two elements, Neon and Krypton were discovered through work on liquid air
  • later discovered xenon using similar methods
  • The word Neon is a Greek word meaning ‘new’

Uses of Neon

  • Neon’s geological use is for gas and present it in the atmosphere at about 1 part in 65000

Description of Neon

  • Abundances of Neon is in various environments like, the universe, sun, meteorite (carbonaceous),crustal rocks, sea water, stream, and human

Neon in Biology

  • Neon has no biological role in humans

Geologiy in the universe

  • Neon has gas is present in the atmosphere at about 1 part in 65,000

Interesting Facts

  • Neon's atonic mass is 20.179 g.mol -1
  • Electronegativity according to Pauling is unknown
  • The density is 0.9*10 -3 at 20°C
  • The melting point of Neon is -249 °C

Properties of Neon

Basic Information of Neon



Atomic Number-10

Atomic Weight-20.1797