Kindergarten News

Ms. Quick's Class

December 4th, 2015

This week in Class...

Reading: We worked on the letter Dd and the sight words "can" and "this". We continued to work on stretching out the sounds in CVC words (ie cat, big, dad...). We have run into some troubles beginning to read because we are struggling to stretch out words. Please continue to practice letter sounds as well as stretching out words at home! The more practice we can give the children, the better off they will be!

Writing: The student are doing really well writing the sight words they know when they write but they sort of break down when asked to sound out a word they would like to write that they don't know how to spell. We will continue to work on it! This is also being seen in reading too as they have a big correlation.

Math: This week we worked on measuring length and classifying objects as short/shorter/shortest and long/longer/longest. We will be finishing this module early next week and starting module 5 after!

Science: We spent this week reading the many different versions of the Gingerbread Man. We read the Gingerbread Cowboy, Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man, and Gingerbread Baby.

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What's Coming up Next Week?

For the next two weeks, our theme is Christmas Around the World. The children will get to learn and experience different things that make Christmas special around the world.

We will be working on the letter Gg and the sight words "play"and "was".

Please remember to send your child to school with boots, snowpants, hat, gloves, and a coat. I only have a few extra of each of these things!

Important Dates to Remember:

Dec 4- Ms. Quick will be gone

Dec 8 and 9- Ms. Quick will be gone

Dec 10- Christmas Concert- 7pm (students should be in the classroom by 6:45)

Dec 18- Grinch Day

Dec 22- Polar Express Day

Dec 23- Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

** A note was sent home about all of these events. If you never saw the note or have questions, please let me know!!

Please have your child bring in their completed November Book-it calendar so I can get them their Pizza Hut pizza coupon!

Check out our class website!!