Colonists and Native Americans

By Mya Marks


You know how easy making food,hunting and fishing is today, but put yourself in colonial times it was rough back then. The colonists and Native Americans used many tools to go hunting. The colonists and Native Americans grew plants and crops they also raised animals. The colonists and Native Americans were skilled farmers and hunters

Colonists and Native Americans

Colonists and Native Americans were vary excellent hunters.They used bows arrows and large nets to hunt.If they found a shell like a turtle shell they pick it up and for bowls.When the were done they would put it back so the animal can rest in peace.Colonists and Native Americans hunted bear,moose,deer and wild turkey.The colonists and Native Americans hunted a lot of animals using bows arrows and a net.

What kind of food they made

Colonists and Native Americans made a lot of different types of food.Colonists and Native Americans made foods like corn soup,red pickled eggs,hot Indian pudding,hot nuts and bear berry.Colonists and Native Americans made the food from things they grew.In order to make the food the Colonists and Native Americans would go in there gardens pick nuts,corn and other things they needed to make food.It was not easy getting food or making food back then in colonial times,but they were vary able to be creative with the meals they made.


Did you know about things Colonists and Native Americans grew and the animas they raised?Colonists and Native Americans raised 3 animals.Turkey,alpacas and llamas were there main live stock.Colonists and Native Americans planted corn,beans,squash,potatoes,tomatoes and sugar maple.After that,Colonists and Native Americans took food and made meals of there choice.Colonists and Native Americans grew a lot of neat things.


Colonists and Native Americans grew food,made food and hunted. Colonists and Native Americans hunted and fished with bows arrows and nets. Colonists and Native Americans were also good at making food. Crops and food were important to the colonists and Indians. Those Native Americans and Colonists did a lot of great things to make history of America



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