2C Wordpress is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling you 2C Wordpress is epice

2C Wordpress has great kids that do great Sizzling starters.

Here is my sizzling starter that I am publishing on our blog. I hope you like it. I’m going to publish the rest of my story so you can read what happens to Mrinal and the scientists.

From Laura

“RRRRRRRRRRoar” shouted Matilda, eating a Banjo. All of the scientists backed away from the gigantic dinosaurs, except Mrinal who kept shouting at Matilda.

“Exc-u-as- a you!”, shouted Mrinal at Matilda, “eating with your mouth open. Ugh! What planet are you from?” Matilda didn’t listen , in fact Matilda looked at Mrinal and ripped a piece of Banjo off and spat it onto her. “Great”, said Mrinal “now I’m covered with blood”. Mrinal and the scientists were back in the Cretaceous Period because they wanted to now how dinosaurs lived. Mrinal and the scientists knew all about dinosaurs especially about Banjos and Matildas.

“I don’t think that was blood” said the other scientists covering their mouths as they were giggling.

While Mrinal was washing the dinosaur spit off her, an Elasmosaur came out of a swamp from nowhere and grabbed Mrinal. “Save me!” screamed Mrinal. Just as the scientists were about to pull Mrinal out of it’s mouth they felt saliva dripping onto their heads. They all turned and looked up.....