iPads in the Classroom

The Changing Education

What are the advantages?

They're easier to carry and use than traditional computers!

They cost much less than laptop and desktop computers.

Mobile computer labs are able to fit more on them and weigh less.

There a so many educational platforms and applications that are available for teachers and students.

They make collaboration easier for students.

It's paperless, and good for the environment!


Why are schools jumping on the iPad Bandwagon?

Schools are becoming increasingly aware of the ipad's ability to save money. With new electronic textbooks coming out every day, schools can buy ipad textbooks for much cheaper than paper textbooks. They are also able to buy the updated textbook for much less than buying the new paper book. There are many studies that are showing that ipads in the classroom are really improving students' education.


Are iPads Cool, Or What?!

But iPads Aren't Computers..

No one is claiming they are! This article relates some great information on why the ipad will continue to be


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iPads In The Classroom
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