People are Shopping EVERY DAY!

Let's help them out ~ December 16, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

Okay, I can tell you this: the next SIX DAYS are going to be HUGE for holiday shoppers! I personally spoke with friends today who just started YESTERDAY - gasp! HELLO OPPORTUNITY! So here is what I know....I am not alone! In the spirit of one my my favorite "Jessica" quotes lets commit to not focusing on having it ALL, but rather what matters most! And what matters most in our business this time of year is putting the PERSONAL in Personal Shopper! 1:1 gift solving will be GREATLY appreciated and will bring you the results you want. If you could accomplish 3 things in the next 48 hours what would it be??

Take a few mins. to set up a template note for texting, email, imessage and then just copy, personalize and paste. You can reach out to so many in 15-30 mins each day this week:

Let me get you started:

1. Reach out to customers who have wishlists.
2. Reach out to friends/customers with school age kids and help with teacher gifts
3. Reach out to 5 guys and offer to be their gift girl.
4. Reach out to your BFFS and offer to help them....everyone needs help!
5. Reach out to your gym, yoga, salon etc and offer a Pop Up Shop over the weekend - YES you can do this TODAY!
6. Give yourself a GREEN DOT Challenge and reach out to 10 people who are online on Facebook and offer to help them!


These are the activities that will move your business forward RIGHT NOW if you take the time to do them.


Have a great day!


Continue reaching out to guys. They're starting to panic and need our help. WTS:

Hey ______! It's that time of year and I can help. Give me your budget and I can give you some ideas for the PERFECT gift for ______....SO much better than you running out to the mall! All you have to do is put a bow on the box. I'm happy to help and ____ will love it!


Hi ________! Are you in a bind trying to figure out what to get ______ for Christmas? Let's make sure ________'s Christmas is merry & bright. Green is so festive and she'll sparkle even brighter with one or more of these gorgeous gifts from you! She would love the _______ and the ___________. They're on sale until tomorrow or they sell out, so let me know if I can order them for you.

If you're ready to go, you can shop directly through this link right now and your gift will be on its way: [enter your PWS]
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Why Book January NOW?

I Want You to RELAX Over The Holidays! Here's the Secret....

Wanna know the secret to relaxing over the holidays?'s a pretty simple recipe...

1 part family
1 part santa
2+ booked January trunk shows
Wine to taste

Yep. That's it!

And have the tools to do it!

If you think that January is a slow month for trunk show....THINK AGAIN! It's the NEW NOVEMBER at Stella & Dot! I already have THREE shows on my January books! Why you ask? Well here are just a few reasons...

1. DOT DOLLAR REDEMPTION - Until January 5th!!
~Who doesn't want to shop at 1/2 off?
~Contact a few guests from your December trunk shows...ask them if they want to throw a Dot Dollar Trunk Show for their friends that shopped in November or December. Remind the hostess she can get the New Line for FREE with her rewards.

~What's on trend this spring?
~Who is the fashionista who is going to share the Spring Style with her friends. We're ALL tired of our Fall and Winter Wardrobe...bring on Spring!
~Invite them to be a debut hostess and be the FIRST to share the Spring Style!

~Get me out of the house!
~Holidays are OVER...we need a Girls Night!

Those are just a few reasons.

BUT...people don't know what they don't know! So today's challenge is all about sharing the Spring Style!

AND...I guarantee that if you get a few shows on the books for will be able to relax and celebrate this holiday season!


One Example of WTS to Book Janaury NOW by doing Customer Care Follow Up from your Fall Shows:

Happy Holidays Donna,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season so far! I just wanted to check in and make sure you're 100% delighted with your Stella & Dot purchase from Miranda's trunk show. Thank you so very much for your order. I really appreciate it!

If there's anything I can do for you or if you need to check off a few more gifts from the ol' list, I'm happy to help :) We've got guaranteed shipping for Christmas Eve delivery when ordered by 12/21 at 11:59pm! And, as you know, everything comes beautifully packaged so there's no wrapping necessary. Easy and adored!

You can always check out what's new and exciting and even order directly from S&D on my site:

Also, our new SPRING COLLECTION comes out in January--check out this sneak peak! Since you were so wonderful to shop with me, I'd love to bring the collection to you and your friends so we can get you $100s in FREE accessories. People are looking for things to do in January and bringing some fun pops of spring into the dull winter days would be a great thing for all to look forward to. What do you say? I've got the 2nd or 3rd week of January open right now. I'll give you a call soon.

Have a fantastic holiday break and thank you again for your support!


Enjoy being the Personal Shopper Extraordinare Today!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader