From what i learned from my former U.S. history class id that America would be nothing with the people that believe that democracy is efficient. With out the founding fathers there would no America today just the 13 colonies of England, the people that fought in the revolutionary war in 1775. With out the people, America would be ran just like England queens and kings instead of a having Democratic Republic. Also the people created the Constitution which to protect the rights of the people. Also the American people have expanded the united states of America from Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean.


The signing of the deceleration of Independence is very important because it was a document that was sent to King George III stating that the 13 colonies where no longer going to be apart of England but that they are going to be there own country that runs on a democratic republic. With out the signing of the declaration of independence, there would be an America just the 13 colonies of England.


The revolutionary war was a very important to american history because it was an 8 year long war that was fought by the people of the new country the United States of America. The war was fought because King George III didn't want the 13 colonies to become their own country he wanted them to stay part of England under control of King George III.


Manifest Destiny was the idea that was in the 19th century in the United States of America claiming that it was our God giving destiny to expand the new Country all the way from the east coast of the Atlantic ocean to the west coast of the Pacific ocean. Without this idea of expansion to the west America wouldn't be the same as present day America.


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My Thought Process

The massage behind my America is statement and my visible art piece is that the United States of America would be nothing with out it's citizens and the people that protect democracy. With out the voice of the people the United States wouldn't be the great, powerful, and beautiful nation it is.


with the people there wouldn't be a military to be the great nation we are today. Without the people of the United States we would have the Bill of Rights, Constitution, congress, or presidents to lead our nation into great and away from disaster. If the people weren't to speak up we would live in oppression and fear, but because of democracy we have the first amendment that protects the right of freedom of speech which lets us express the way we feel about our nation or government. The power that the people have in the United States is shown through the symbolism of looking at your-own reflection in the American flag. Stating that you are an American and proud to be an American


The foundation of the United States is the freedoms that our given to use. Those freedoms comprise of the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, and the freedom to press. Those basic freedoms are represented and acted upon daily in the United States. The reason that this right are put to affect on a daily is because they are protected by the military that fights to make sure that the United States stays free.


The power of the United States is shown through our military force. That military force that protects our freedoms and our nation today once created this very nation it self. Our soldier will fight to preserve democracy alive and thriving. With out our very powerful military our nation would be taken as serious as it is today which is why the United States is one of the world powers today. For example the United State of America would have never existed if it wasn't for the revolutionary war that made us the great nation that we are today. That is represented through the symbolism of the army men standing in front of the American flag. Making the statement that your freedom will always be protected.


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