Jefferson for president!

Jefferson vs. Adams

Do you choose british or french?

Would you want to be allies with the French or the Brittish? Thomas Jeffeson supports being allies with the French. The Brittish have attacked us before....think about who would always be there for you. the French can be trusted can the Brittish?

national or state?

Would you want a stronger national government or should the states have more power? The states should have more power, if we let the national government have more power they cant focus on individual rights. But if the states have more power then they more on the needs of the people.

Rich or Common?

Who should be in control of the government the rich and educated or the common people? the common people should be in control of the government because they know what the people need. the rich and educated will only worry about their needs and not the needs of the farmers and they commom people.

so who would you choose?

John Adams

is more for the whole united states and doesnt really care about individual rights.

Thomas Jefferson

more for the common people and more for individual rights.