Spring 2019 Issue

Annie Jr.

Bravo! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Annie Jr. on an amazing weekend of performances! On Saturday, March 16th at 7 pm and Sunday March 17th at 2 pm, BBHMS students put on a fantastic play based on "Little Orphan Annie". There were over 1,000 attendees! Special thanks to Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School PSO for bringing this production to life. The show was directed by Mrs. Sarah Durham and the Music Director was Mr. Henry Foraker.

Scholastic Art Competiton

BBHMS art students won two Gold Keys, six Silver Keys, and nine Honorable Mentions at the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. BBHMS art students won awards in “Printmaking”, “Drawing and Illustration”, “Mixed Media”, “Photography”, “Ceramics”, and “Painting". Gold Key Winners are Vlad Akulich and Elianna Gamboa. Silver Key Winners are Brooke Brobst, Ryah Bolotova, Abby Henning, Samantha Kuscevic, McKenna Mack, and Isabella Pavia. Honorable Mention Winners are Brooke Brobst, Brianna Dzina, Elianna Gamboa, Kristen Griffiths, Abby Henning, Catherina Iltchev, Samantha Kuscevic, Rose Misch, and Layne Zunich. Gold Key and Silver Key winning art projects were on display at the Cleveland Institute of Art until February 2nd and then moved on to the National Competition in New York. All winning projects will be displayed in our school Library.

Teacher Tips

This Month’s Featured Teacher: Mr. Auble

Question: What advice would you give students to make sure they complete homework on time?

His Answers:

  • Budget Your Time

Plan out how long each assignment will take, and decide which assignments you should do in the different sets of time you have for homework. Plan your time so you can finish homework in calm environments, away from screens and distractions.

  • Use Allotted Time at School

Make sure you make the most out of study halls, so instead of watching videos or playing games at school, you should do homework in E/I and study hall so you can relax at home and spend time doing extracurriculars. If you have time specially put aside for homework, use it; work on homework if you are given the chance.

  • Finish as Early as Possible

If you finish homework as soon as possible from when it is assigned, it will greatly reduce stress and anxiety while doing homework. If you procrastinate, you’ll end up worrying about if you can finish in time, if your answers are good enough, etc., and this will make the assignment take even longer to complete. On the other hand, if you try to complete it quickly and ahead of time, you have plenty of time to check and review your answers, and you’ll have more time to relax and spend time having fun.

  • Use the “15-Minute Rule”

If you have a good estimate of how long an assignment will take, you should do it as soon as you have enough time to finish it. For example, if you have a few questions that you know will take 15 minutes, you should do them as soon as you have 15 minutes of free time.

Follow these tips to make finishing homework on time easy!

By William Minatel

Book Corner

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This is a book about a college girl named Cath who suffers with anxiety. It’s about how she is spending the first year of her life not sharing a room with her sister, Wren since she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath needs to adjust to life without her sister and in a world where she is forced to be around people. A lot of the book is about how she is a huge fan of the Simon Snow book series which is pretty much Harry Potter. She has used these books to cope with her anxiety and mother leaving all her life and in college she is told the fanfiction she has written for most of her life is not ‘real writing.’

I really enjoyed this book because it is very well-written and realistic. I loved Cath’s character and she felt like a real person a lot of the time. The situations she was put in and the things she felt were all so detailed, which I appreciated.

Furthermore, the plot was really well developed. There weren’t many times where it went far off topic and it was obviously layered and detailed plot. The book was fairly long for it’s genre (realistic), but in the end I didn’t mind it because it made up for that in an engaging storyline and interesting characters.

I really recommend this book to anyone at this school because it was amazing. The writing style was incredible and the characters felt new and amazing.

By Ashlyn Audino

Artist of the Month

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Introducing a new feature of the Honeycomb: The Artist of the Month. The first featured student is seventh grader, Jasmine Clough. Mr. Hansen nominated Jasmine, as she was in his class earlier this year. Mr. Hansen says that Jasmine is a model Art student and has all the attributes that foster success in his class, he added that "she is creative, attentive, and hardworking." For her effort Jasmine has been awarded a sketchbook and drawing utensils. Congratulations Jasmine!

Four-leaf Clover

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Although it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime finding, a four-leaf clover is actually more common than most people think. I have personally found anywhere from 10 to 20 of them so far. Here are some tips:

  • The chances of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000.

  • There should theoretically be one in a 13 square-foot patch of clovers, as this covers just about 10,000 clovers.

  • Part of it is skill, and the other is luck. There are some places where there will be many four-leaf clovers, and vice versa. Having a keen eye (and multiple people) will greatly increase your chances of finding one.

  • Make sure to be patient. Don’t expect to find one within 5 minutes. If you do, that’s great!

  • Be sure that once you find one to preserve it. Visit This Website for more information.

  • More of a fun fact: The greatest number of leaves found on a clover was 56!

By Hana Mazak

Scavenger Hunt

Find the mystery picture location! Explore the school! Where in the school was this picture taken? Click the link below for a chance to win a prize.
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Why is spring called spring? Spring is called “spring” because the word comes from an old Germanic word meaning “time of water”. During this season there is a lot of rain due to soil drying and evaporation into the low clouds, this causes the rain. People decided to use the word “spring” because of its meaning. Coincidentally, spring could also be called this since flowers are blooming or springing up!

By Kassaundra Pindor

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Happy Spring from the Honeycomb Staff!