The Truth Behind School Lunches

Ava Busenbark & Skye McLaughlin

Individuals who eat school lunch are setting themselves up for unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. We want you to take a stand for more nutritious, heart-healthy, and appetizing meals!

As you may know, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have set nutritional requirements as a guide for schools to follow. Recent data shows that only 6% of school lunch programs meet these said requirements!

Imagine you are eating foods that aren't approved by the First Lady or the U.S Department of Agriculture. Not many of us enjoy healthy foods but it would be nice to eat appetizing foods with some nutrition value. Instead of turkey Manhattan, a stinky scoop of mashed potatoes on white bread, we should be able to enjoy a healthy and appetizing meal!!!

With America already on the fast track towards nation-wide obesity, schools are setting their kids up for an unhealthy adult life by feeding them fattening, unhealthy meals. Schools are setting their kids up for failure! Instead of unhealthy cheap options, schools could invest in more healthy options rather than more material things.
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