another princess story..

by Libbee pochurek


Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a princess named Abby. Abby told her mom that she wanted to get married. so her mom planed a big ball. they sent out the invation. one of the invitaion was sent to the wrong place. It was sent to a boy named Nash. Nash was a framer son that did not have a lot of money.

rising action

" Dad dad" Robert called " yes son what do you need i am buzzy doing stuff" Robert's dad repliond quickly " I I I I got inited to the roal ball the princess is look for marrige" Robert said ectastatic " that is great son but you know that you cant go we dont have a noff money. Robert's dad said sadly "but dad" Robert said " no son just for get about it " his dad said " ok yes sir" Robert said but did not stop thinking about it

the next moring Robert woke up real early that morning. To pick the onions but one was stuck. so he tugged and tugged and tugged. until boom the onion poped out of the ground. along with the onion came a faire god mother. "what shall be your wish" the fairy said "to go to the ball" Robert said " then that shall be it" bimdy bopdy boo" his rages turnd to a suit. " now go' the fary said.

Falling action

Robert got there just in time for he ball. He showed the gard his invation and the gard let him right on in. when he walked in to the room every one was dancing and having a great time. all the men got to dance with abby. But thre the second abby and Robert danced they fell in love.


A mounth later they got married and lived happly ever arter