Author:Luis Sachar

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Main Characters

  • Protagonist: Stanley Yelnats -Kind, an self confidence.
  • Antagonidt: The Warden - She the meanest one at the camp.

Protagonist's & Antagonist's Problem

  • Protagonist's Problem : Stanley Yelnats, is sent to camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp did not commit crime. He run away because, he was getting treat wrong.
  • Antagonist's Problem : The Warden she after the treasure. The problem is whenever they find the suitcase.

Other Character's Perspective on Main Characters

  • Zero- He a homeless boy, very strong friendship with stanley.
  • Mr.Sir- IS the 2 men hand those what the warden tells him to do. "Rude,Crude"

My Impression of Protagonist Character

  • Stanley his a hard worker because he dills holes the find the treasure box. Even tho he had a bad luck he put effort an enjoy life.

My Impression of Antagonist Character

  • The Warden she didn't care about the kid in the camp. She was after the treasure.

Characterization: In the End

  • Stanley a round character
  • The warden a flat character
  • Zero a round character
  • Mr.Sir a flat character