Crow Island Bioblitz!

By Kate&Camille


On September 22, 2015 our science class went to the crow island woods for a Bioblitz. We took many different pictures of animals, bugs,and plants. Now we are going to share what we saw with you.

Flowers 🌷

Animal/bugs 🐛

Trees 🌳

What do you think could be done to increase the biodiversity of the crow island woods?

They can plant more trees and protect the ash trees from being killed.

Did you find any species native to Illinois? Any nonnative species? Any invasive species?

Native- squirrels, oak trees and flies.

Nonnative- we don't any.

Invasive- emerald ash borer

What factors might have affected the number of species they found? What kinds of organisms have you probably missed?

The emerald ash borer has decried the ask trees making the population less. Organisms we probably missed is are fungi because we didn't go that far into the woods.

Were species evenly distributed across the site or did you find greater variety in particular areas? If there were distribution differences, where did you find the greatest diversity? Explain.

We found many diferrent varieties in the woods. For example, there weren't alot of ash trees alive compared to the bigger variety of the dead ones.