Maple Grove Arts Center Students

From Executive Director of Center

Letter from Arts Center Director

Dear Members, Artists, Volunteers, Teachers and Sponsors,

The Maple Grove Arts Center is moving! We’ve been in our space for over 8 years – a space that was originally donated by Opus Corporation. We’ve incorporated the help of City officials, businesses and development owners as we look for potential locations for our arts center.

A new company has purchased the building we are located in and they were kind to donate another year to our organization. However, we were given a very short notice and must vacate the space by April 30.

The contents of the arts center will be either in storage or at a new location.
While several gallery shows have been delayed, and classes moved to different locations, we will continue to exist as an arts center and will work on bringing it all together soon. Many of our outreach programs and classes will continue.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the move. Also, volunteers to help with the upcoming Chalk Fest and Maple Grove Days Art Fair. Please fill out the contact us form on our website if you can help.

Join us on April 8, 7:00 p.m. for the District 279 Teachers Show reception. This will be our final show in this space.

We look forward to growing and thriving in the arts!

Thank you for your continued support, Lorrie Link

Monday Theater Classes


While this is not great news, it does happen at the time of the end of our session. It will give us time to finish off our April classes with holding our presentation on April 25th. The next two classes on April 11 and 18 will be extended by 15 minutes so class will end at 6:15pm.

In the meantime we are looking for a space to rent for next fall if any of you know of something available ie: Church space, organization that has spare room, etc. Lorrie Link is also keeping us in the loop as they have been a wonderful partner in our programs in the northern suburbs.

Summer camps are offered in St. Louis Park on July 5-8 and also July 11-15. They are held at the Academy of Whole Learning just off of 169 and Cedar Lk. Rd. These are full week camps meeting from 12:30-3pm daily. These camps are wonderful as we will be covering many things in the 2.5 hours and doing a performance on stage! Registration forms are on the homepage of our website,


We encourage our students to also present something individually. We went through this last week and a few students really enjoyed it. While this is not mandatory, we encourage it, it is great for building self esteem and confidence.

If your son or daughter have a song they wish to sing, dance, poem, or reading that would be wonderful. Please have them think about this and practice so they can let us know on Monday. Thank you!

p.s. Someone (Ava) has already chosen to sing "Let it Go" from Frozen, so something other than that would be great:)