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Malaysia: Land of the Minerals!

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in South East Asia. We have 13 beautiful states but 3 territory s and has the total land of 329,847 sq. kilometers (127,350 sq. miles) split by South China Sea into 2 regions Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. With our population of 28.33 million people .Our capital is Kuala Lumpur but Putrajaya is our biggest city. We have the richest spot for minerals in all of South East Asia too! Read Further more down below. We hope you'r interested!

Malaysia's slogan: Land of the Minerals!

Malaysia's beautiful geography and climate

Malaysia has a complex geography, both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia have various geographical places.It borders Thailand in Peninsular Malaysia and Brunei in East Malaysia.Malaysia popular waterways are Perlis River,The Golok river and the Pagalayan Canal just to name a few. Peninsular Malaysia has 40% of land in all of Malaysia and is known for its Titiwanga Mountains. East Malaysia's Coastline however has over 2,607 kilometers and is divided by hills,valleys,and a mountinous interior.

Malaysia's people and culture

Malaysia is a multi- cultural group and with many relegions. Our original ethnic group are the Malays and the Malays dominate as the ethnic group in all Malaysia.

Malaysia's population is really huge.Malaysia has 24,821,286 people and counting! Malaysia's ethnic group are really big, but there is 3 main ones and they are the Malays,Chinese,and Indians.

Malaysia's fine arts are outstanding. The cuisine is really yummy and our national food in Malaysia is nasi lemak. Main religion's are Christianity and Islam due to it being close to Indonesia.

Malaysia's Goverment and citizenship

Malaysia's goverment is a constitutional elective monarchy. Our amazing leader, Prime Minister Najib Razak.