Christmas Day

At Nana's House

Christmas Day At Nana's House

Christmas Day is when my mother's side of the family come together and celebrates Christmas at Nana's House.

But our Christmas really starts on Christmas Eve, were our families come together and go down to the local Carnival's opening night. After we've had our goes on rides and eaten our jam donuts, we go back to Nana's house and we celebrate the last night of Trent's beautiful christmas lights show. When we arrive home we sit down in front of the T.V and watch the Christmas Carols and count down to midnight and we sit on the balcony looking to see if we can see the fireworks being let off.

Christmas Morning my brother and I wake up early, to sneak peeks at our presents, only get yelled at by Mum and Dad being told it's 5:30am go back to bed.

We rip open presents one by one loving every present were receiving and then maybe a little complaint over something we didn't get.

Around 12pm we all arrive at Nana's House, we gather round the dinner table and wait for lunch to be served. After a huge stomach filling lunch, the children all gather on the floor in a circle near the christmas tree, when then we receive our presents, as the parents count down from 3 we race to open our presents first.

After we receive our presents, and all the food we have eaten has gone down, we all go outside and play our annual cricket game in Nana's driveway.

Around 3:30pm or 4pm we all go home and have a rest or play with our new presents.

At 6pm most of us return to Nana's for dinner (mostly leftovers from lunch).


Traditions our family follows on Christmas Day are:

- When receiving presents my cousins and I sit in a circle on the floor and open our presents together.

- After Lunch and Dessert we play our annual cricket game in the drive way.

Why Christmas Is Important To Me

Why Christmas is important to me is because as a family we come together and celebrate Jesus's birthday, seeing family that might not live so close to me and my most favourite part of Christmas has always been receiving presents.

Table Layout and Guest

We all fuss over were we sit at the dinner table, but where are name tag has been placed that is where we are sitting.




Leanne (MUM)

David (DAD)











Me !!!!