Power Abuse

Trey Goudeau

Power Abuse Causes nothing but trouble.

In Animal farm, a pig named Napolien takes control of the farm after a pig named Snowball is said to have betrayed them. During Napoliens time of leadership he becomes a dictator and rules over the farm. He makes the animals work very hard and it seems like he makes them worship him, sort of like a king. In the book Napolien does several things that show power abuse as their dictator. First, he takes away part of their food rations and makes them work all day every day with little to eat. Second, He and the other pigs moved into he farmhouse and got to sleep in beds while the other animals had to sleep in the barn or in straw beds. In chapter 7 of Animal farm Napolien begins to spend all of his time in the farmhouse, which was guarded at the doors by dogs. He would still make all the other animals work hard, but he would stay in the farm house all day long. Third, Napolien is elected president. In the book it says that "There was only one candidate, Napolien, who was elected unanimously. Animal farm has officially turned into a dictatorship. Napoliens abuse of power only causes trouble for Animal Farm.

Current Event

The current event that I chose is Texas governor Rick Perry's abuse of power. In the article it says that Rick Perry was threatening to veto 7.5 million dollars in fundings for the Public Corruption Unit unless Rosemary Lehmberg -the district attorney in Travis County- resigned. This is a huge abuse of power because Perry has no right to threaten The PCU and to threaten Ms. Lehmberg's entire career even though she did get arrested for drunk driving.