Alert the man in the yellow suit

The man is on the hunt for Winnie.

Who is he

  • He is a stranger
  • He has a mustard yellow suit
  • He stalks people
  • He is dangerous
  • He can kill
  • He is in his mid or late 50s

This is the man, he is after the Tuck family and Winnie, so STOP him.⬆

Help the people.

DEAR, People of Treegap,

This man is after the following people, Winnie Foster, and the Tucks. They are our friends. They did nothing to him. The man is always after the Tucks. The man thinks they have eternal life. He is blackmailing the Fosters. He has been following the Tucks for a long time. So if you see the man please contact the police. He is trespassing on there property and harassing them. He is trying to take Winnie Foster. He has been following the Tucks for years. He is trying to find the Tucks secret about something. Please help us find him and protect the Tucks and Winnie.