Jacob Morsberger


Ocording to my research on culture grams Brazil. Almost half of Brazil is forest. The forest contain many animals live there is also the Amazon river. Brazil is located in South Amarica.


Brazils holidays are similar but not the same. Instead of Santa they have father/ mother Noel. He climes from the window instead of the fireplace. This is because it is so hot in Brazil. carnival is one of the main holidays children go on field trips for school and look at the paintings there.


Brazils breakfast lunch and dinner are a very anportant part of the day. Eating is sort of like an event in Brazil people selibrate when eating.


Half of Brazil is forest some people live and hunt in the forest. There are many animals that live in that habitat. There is also the amazon river that crosses the forest that is also many home to animals.


Education in Brazil has programs theys programs are how the education works. Its like clubs ther are many grops.