The Political Parties

The Federalist and Anti-Federalist

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Definition of Federalist

The Federalists wanted a strong federal government. They believed states should have less power. They supported by scrapping the Articles of Confederation. John Adams, Ben Franklin, Alex Hamilton, and James Madison were all Federalist.

Why Federalist is better and you should be one!

Being a Federalist is a lot better than being an Anti-Federalist! By being one, that means that you are wanting a strong Federal government You want the constitution as is. Also you are one of the people who thinks you don't need to put every single rights people had because there would be a lot of them. Although some people will worry if you did name some of the rights, they will think that is the ONLY rights they had but listing them would be a lot!
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Definition of Anti-Federalist

The Anti-Federalist don't like a strong Federal government. They want states to have more power. They also wanted to keep The Articles Of Confederation. The Anti-Federalist demanded a Bill of Rights to be added to the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was an Anti-Federalist.

Why being an Anti-Federalist is better and how you should join us!

Be one of the Anti-Federalist! If you want a better government, then be like us! We all want the state to have more power. We also want the constitution to have a list of protected rights so we know which of our rights are protected. We oppose the constitution as-is. Why be a Federalist and not list every single right there is? That is one of many reasons it's bad to be a Federalist.
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