The Moon;

How it came

Waves of water brushed on sand, leaves blew in the wind, species worked together to survive, and all was good on the new planet. The gods looked on the lands, with success waving over them.

One day, the people of the land began to fight, some wanted to be “Leaders” others wanted their “Freedom”, and some just wanted something different. Conflict arose faster than speeding arrows that, if not tended, will wave over the land.

Soon something foreign happened, new words were created, “hate, kill,” and “war” were added to the languages of the beings. There was a world-wide “war” being achieved, people warred, species warred, the entire planet was a boiling bath of blood. The gods looked down on the planet, in more than one way, and called to a meeting.

“Welcome,” Zeus’ voice boomed, “It’s come to our obvious attention that the ‘perfect’ planet is in fact flawed. What they call ‘wars’ have started in the land, and many lay dead, we must do something before it is too late.”

“We could take any leaders from the equation,” pointed Hermes, the Thief and messenger god.

“That’s exactly what they’re fighting for,” Athena said with a sigh.

“Why not let them have at-it?” Beckoned Ares, who’d soon be known as the god of war, “They’ll stop eventually, and it’s best not for us to interfere, they and it’d truly be the perfect planet.”

“Have you gone mad? We want to save and preserve them, not just let them kill off before they even pass the chariot. I know what to do; they cannot battle if there is not a battle field.”

Every single one of the gods touched down to the earth’s red, wet surface, their reputations coming with them. The god’s voices went across the planet, giving a yield to the fighting, “Fools, we did not make you to fight, and we have come to agreement. Heed this as a lesson to you all!” and with that, the gods dug their hands into the earth, working as a team as they lifted the blood stained land that still held people, even though it only took the strength of one to.

Those that had been lucky enough to be near the edges escaped flawlessly, and went on to create a new breed of hate and terror. The land covered in blood that went up slowly went pale as the blood dried, the plants and dirt dying and adding to the death among it. The giant footprints of those who warred stayed, the titan’s, large and deep, and the added-up homosapien’s, smaller, thinner pieces, and the other species that have been forgotten lay upon the other side, the darker side of the new place that they call the moon, a place of learning, and a place of death. There was a rumor that one day, once the lesson completely taught all, it would come back.