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This kind of expansion is performed by making an incision of 1 to 2 cm in the lower lip. This ritual is usually performed by your mother or female relatives. A wooden or ceramic disc plug is placed in the incision and it remains there for about 3 weeks or until the wound has healed. This stretching process will continue until the lip is an opening of about 4 cm in diameter. The dishes will increase from eight to 22 inches and tend to be clay or wood. Since the labial dishes make it difficult to speak, women only wear their lip plugs in the company of men, but removing them to eat and sleep or when they are found only in the company of women.


Fashion, styles, and the original hairstyles of Africa, where the features are rastas and the twisted very prepared and worked., in addition to the tribal ornaments and decorative accessories. Many African women show their beauty through styles which are predominantly very sophisticated twisted, which are carried out by a few decorative patterns and a few drawings aesthetic. In some African tribes, as in the Himba ethnic group in Namibia, use of materials of nature to Namibia, use of materials of the nature to decorate the hairstyle, as butters, herbs, and Barros.

African's Clothing

Africa is a huge continent, with many cultures and thousands of different tribal groups, each with their own traditions and languages. Therefore, a theme such as the "African clothing" includes many and various types of clothing. In addition, the clothing that is used is also very influenced by the daily activities of people and its climate. The cottons and silks for Africa's traditional are made from natural fibers or organic, and are very durable and, often, very colorful.


Technical tattoo: Tattoo techniques used by the African tribes are preserved today in day, the more are the scars mainainted ornamental, these are the scars that are formed by applying a sharp object on the skin and "drawing" (cutting) to achieve the design.

Another method involves the use of coal or ash, a piece is rubbed on points or cuts in the skin; These are used for coloring the design.

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African Dance

Tshwane Traditional Dancers

African fashion of today