Impact of the British Raj

By - Jack ,Young ,Christian ,Angel

What was the British Raj?

The British raj was the name for the British ruling over India from 1858 to 1947. The British raj ended in 1947 after WWII when imperialism was determined to be the cause of the war.

After Effects of the Raj

The British Raj, while not entirely enjoyed by the Indian people, did have numerous after effects. India's democratic parliamentary government was a result of the British Raj. India also received better healthcare from Britain's rule. The British supplied India with training for would-be doctors and also provided India with vaccines for deadly viruses such as smallpox. The end of the raj also led to some political issues. Immediately after the raj, the Muslim and Hindu populations within India began to come into conflict with one another. A decision was made and the countries known today as Pakistan and Bangladesh broke away from India to make their own Muslim countries.

East India Company

The East India Company was an economic policy put in place by the British during the Raj. This was the imperialistic portion of Britain's rule over India. it was first put into place in 1757 and finally ended after Indian rebellions in 1874. The east India company held a complete monopoly over all of the trade within India and was very fierce with those who tried to compete with them. Many of the economic and trade policies put into place in India were similar to those put into place in the thirteen colonies, and the reaction from the Indians was very similar as well. Although the entirety of Britain rule would not end until later, this was a very important step in India's eventual independence from Britain and economic success.
Pakistan 1947 - Independence from British Rule