John Wilkes Booth

"His cause was lost and his dreams of glory over" (pg.9)

Booth actions show that he had no care about losing his fame and money. This quote is direct also showing that he is discouraged and depressed.

"A fellow actor described his eyes as living jewels" (pg.10)

This indirect quotes states that Booth's looks show that he was vibrant or energetic.

.Just 8 hours the man who was the subject of all his hating and plotting would stand on the very steps where he now sat.

This indirect quote is a obsessive thought.

The first shot would be his last if he missed he wouldn't have time to reload.

This indirect quote shows booth's risky actions.

Our prediction

We predict that booth will kill the president based on his actions and thoughts. We also predict that if booth does kill the president he can't hide from the fact that he does because it will soon catch up to him. The people apart his association might find out that he is trying to set them up. If he try's to deny that he killed the president it will only make it worse.