Chapter 10 ; The Giver

By; Hannah Evans

Summary of Chapter 10

Jonas starts his first day as "Receiver of Memory" and arrives at the Annex ( small building attached to the back of the House of Old, ) Jonas meets The Giver and begins gaining information about his new career. The Giver mentions words like "sled" and "snow" while explaining the memories he has. Jonas was confused and didn't understand what these words meant which leads to The Giver ushering Jonas to a bed. The Giver turns off the the speaker that announces different statements to the public which worried Jonas. Jonas prepares to receive his first memory.


Chapter 10 was explained well and thoroughly without being too detailed. The author stayed at a medium pace for this chapter. The beginning was well explained ( when Jonas arrives for his training ), but while Jonas and The Giver were discussing the job description the pace quickened slightly. The author sped up this particular part because there was quite a bit of dialogue because Jonas had so many questions.

Use of Dialogue Between the Characters

Near the begining of the chapter, there was very little dialouge happening. Just Jonas and Fiona having a small conversation and going off to start thier new jobs. Then, near the middle of the chapter, when Jonas is introduced to The Giver, we experience a long, strung out conversation with alot of questions, and tons of explaining. We are informed, along with Jonas about his training.


3 Main Themes;

  • Curiousity has no limits
  • Wisdom is only given to those who are willing to work for it
  • Willing to sacrifice to procure a good or avoid something undesirable

Character Development