Welcome to the Titanic

By: Emily Williamson

Trip Information

Ticket Prices:

First Class Suits - 100,000$

First Class Cabin - 3,500$

Second Class Cabin - 1,375$

Third Class Cabin - between 350$ and 900$

About the Ship

The boat has 10 decks and can carry 2,435 passengers! It has a swimming pool, squash courts, and a gym for your convenience! All of the passengers are separated by classes. There are 3 classes. All classes have a smoke room and a general common room/library or reading room. Each class also has their own dining room!

First Class

First class has access to the first class dining room, reception room, restaurant, smoking room, the first class lounge. The Titanic has 39 first class suites and 350 first class cabins on board. Each suite had 2 bedrooms, 2 closets/rooms, and a bathroom. Each cabin has one bed.

Second Class

Second class has access to the second class dining room, smoking room, and library. The second class cabins look very similar to that of the first class cabins. The rooms have mostly mahogany furniture and white accents.

Third Class

Third class has access to the third class dining room, smoking room, and general room. You will either get a cabin with one or two beds depending on what is available.


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