Brangus Cattle

Created by Douglas and Maddie

Brangus Cow Quick Facts

  • The Brangus cow is a combination of the Brahman cow and the Angus cow breed.
  • This breed is used for More than one purpose.(dual purpose breed.)
  • The average Brangus weighed 1,800 to 2,000 pounds.
  • Resistant to high humidity.

Different Colors of Brangus cows

More facts about the Brangus Cow

  • This breed can be found all over the USA, Mexico, Austalia, Agrentina, South Rhodesia in Africa.
  • Their primary use is for meat production, however, the females can be used to produce many calves, and milk.
  • The Brangus is more fatty than other cows.
  • The angus meat this breed produces is more expensive than other cattle beef.