Our field trip to Ellis and Liberty Islands is TOMORROW! To ensure that your students are prepared for this exciting field trip, please review the list of reminders we have put together below.

Dress Appropriately

  • Please send your child to school in layers. The temperature should be 45 degrees and sunny, however, it will feel much colder on the ferry.


  • Please send your child to school with a single dollar bill. We are not allowed to bring anything into the Pedestal of Lady Liberty and will need to store our belongings in lockers before entering. Thanks in advance!

  • Remember to pack a lunch that will survive a journey to Ellis Island!
  • Packing a lunch in paper bag or a large zip-loc bag is recommended for easy disposal.

Water Bottle
  • Small tightly sealed water bottles are recommended to prevent spillage. Plastic water bottles are recommended for easy disposal.

Please note, that all students will be expected to carry their individual belongings. Remember to clearly label all of their things!

Statue Cruises is our mode of transportation for the trip. The boat rides to Ellis Island and Liberty Island are rocky, particularly when passengers sit on the top of the boat, so all second grade groups will sit on the bottom floor. Please send us a reminder if your child suffers from motion sickness.

Parent Volunteers

Please arrive at BPCS at 9:30. We will assign groups, hand out trip itineraries, and go over trip expectations at this time.