Kaleb´s Autobiography

Written and Illistrated by kaleb

All About me

Hello! my name is kaleb my real name is juan Im 8 years old i live at Anna West Crossing. I go to school at Joe k Bryant what grade im in is 3rd grade. I love math and science Im bad at language arts. And I love pokemon!

And my favorite animal is a Great white Shark.

And this I love spending time with my family.

My favorite vacation

My sister and I got surprised that we were going to Disney world.After the first night we went to epcot and had a blast. It was the best vacation ever!

Meet My Loving Family

My Hobbies and fun stuff I like to do

My hobbies are playing video games, playing with my dogs,eating,and playing in the trample-en.And I like to play football a my favorite game is pokemon cards.

Important goals

I want to pass 3rd grade and go to college and be a engineer and a astronaut to.


I hope you had a good time reading my autobiography.By see you next time.