Tudor Weekly Update


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Smiling Behind the Mask!

Thank you to all of our parents and community for your support of Tudor this year. It has been a year of ups and downs with a lot of changes. I appreciate everyone's kind words and support of the teachers and the work we do.

As usual the last week of school will be a busy one, with many fun events. Specific times and details on how to participate are below.

  • Monday we will be having field day. It will look a little different than as in past years, but the committee has worked hard to find ways to keep the students active and engaged.
  • Tuesday will be our Virtual Talent Show. Please join the Zoom to support our amazing Thundercats as they show off some of their many talents.
  • Wednesday is our Sixth Grade Celebration. All are welcome to join the Zoom assembly to wish our sixth graders good luck as they leave elementary school.
  • Thursday is our last day of school for students. Many teachers have events planned so please pay attention to any messages sent by your child's teacher.

We are still missing a lot of library books so please search your homes, cars, and back packs to see if you can find any more books.

As always if you have questions or concerns please call the office at 742-1050.

New Covid Guidance:

With changes that have recently been announced by the CDC, State, Muni, and District Health departments. The new guidance will be in affect at Tudor for the last week of school:

  • Masks are required of all people (students and staff) inside the building
  • Masks are not required outside, however social distancing of 3-6 ft, if possible is still recommended
  • Parents may volunteer for outdoor events
  • Volunteers are no longer required to have a Covid 19 Vaccination

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Tudor Elementary Field Day 2021 Monday, May 17


Doore, Helms, Schewe, Hendrix, Smith, Perez, DeBusk, Romine


Mims, Jeska, Christian, Boardman, Jeffries, Kargic, Vandermartin, Mallory

*Parents wishing to volunteer, please meet on the playground at 9:45 and 1:15 for directions.

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Tudor Talent Show - Tuesday 5/18 - 10:00

Join us to watch our amazing Tudor Thundercats sing, dance, and entertain. The Talent show will begin at 10:00 via Zoom. https://asdk12.zoom.us/j/5337238526
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6th Grade Celebration Via Zoom - Wednesday 5/19 - 1:30

Join us to help honor our amazing 6th graders.: https://asdk12.zoom.us/j/5337238526

Good Morning Tudor! This is Ms. Sommerville with a few words of Wisdom,

Congratulations on finishing your elementary school career. Together you have done amazing things. You have survived an Earthquake and a Global Pandemic. You have learned to tie your shoes and count to 100. You have listened to many books and read many books. Together you have grown, learned, and become leaders.

Some of you have been at Tudor since preschool, others just joined us this year. Yet no matter how many years you have been part of our school, I am amazed at how quickly you became a Tudor Thundercat. In each of you I see great potential because you have the tools to go far. Even after you leave Tudor, the Tudor Guidelines for Success will be important for you to follow. Always remember:

T - Team - By continuing to work together and realizing that you can count on the people around you, you will be able to climb any obstacles.

U - Unstoppable - By never giving up you will be able to grow and learn and be anything you want in this life.

D - Dependable - As you get older more will be asked of you, by showing up and doing what is asked of you, you will become leaders of the next generation

O - Optimistic - Keep your sense of humor, be positive. If you believe in the good around you, good will come to you.

R - Respect - Don’t forget that respecting yourself and respecting others is the most important part of leading a good life.

You are all amazing young people and I look forward to seeing what you will do with your lives. Thank you for being part of the Tudor Community. With something to think about, this is Ms. Sommerville, make it a great day or not the choice is yours.

Congratulations Thundercats!

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Thursday May 20th - Last Day for Kids