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Weekly Update for Douglas Staff - Dec. 14

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the last week before our 2-week Winter break! I hope you all have a great last week with your students, then are able to enjoy a refreshing, memorable break with your families. Our Douglas families are likely anticipating our holiday programs this week…thank you for all of your help ensuring that these are successful, welcoming events.

A huge thank you to the Student Council for coordinating the Giving Drive last week, and to all of you for reminding your students. The kids were so excited to bring in items and gather the donations. Seeing the massive number of gifts donated by the participants in the Watertown Spirit Invite this weekend was overwhelming…over 15 Douglas students will benefit from the generosity of those families! What a great way to start the holiday season.

Please do not plan a lunch for our first day back from break. I will be providing a soup and chili lunch for everyone that day as my gift to the staff for the holidays. I appreciate you all so much!


This week's events:

Monday-Friday - Secret Santa Week!

Monday -

Morning: 4th/5th Grade Geo-Bee Run-off (Final 12 after break!)

(5th Grade will go first)

Tuesday -

Afternoon: K-2 Concert Rehearsal at WHS

Night: K-2 Concert at WHS

Thursday -

Morning: 3-5 Concert Rehearsal at WHS

Night: 3-5 Concert at WHS

Friday -

Holiday Sweaters and Festive Apparel welcome!!

Classroom/Grade-Level Parties/Celebrations

9:00-10:00 Neighborhood Caroling

10:20 WHS Carolers in Gym

1:00-2:00 Neighborhood Caroling

After School - Secret Santa Reveal at Lisa Clark's

One Step at a Time

The PLC Planning Team read this article in preparation for our meeting this past week. We found it to be a useful, relevant article that will prompt team discussions on Jan. 5th. Great piece to discuss and utilize to set goals for team members.

10 Growth Mindset Shifts...

Quick read about teaching with a growth mindset. As we head into 2016, interesting to think about growth mindset and how it relates to our development as educators and to our students!

Holiday Concert Reminders:

Both Concerts -

Staggered Arrival and Start Times for Students…see form emailed and put in mailboxes earlier this month

Students will exit the stage off the front and head out the far South-West door (Exit door for audience) - then head to the commons. Parents will then exit the auditorium and pick up their children in the commons. **Parents will not pick up students from warm-up rooms after the concert (different from last year).

K-2 Non-Classroom Staff:

Welcome: Kayla

Greeters/Line-Up: Deb J., Sara, Elizabeth H.

Backstage: Tryg, Amy M.

Ushers (inside auditorium and guide parents out): Mike and Amy S.

3-5 Non-Classroom Staff:

Welcome: Emily

Greeters: Joi-Lynn, Randi, Karla

Usher: Nancy B.

**Any staff who have not yet signed up, please plan to attend on Thursday and contact Emily.

Family Literacy Night - Volunteer Spot Sign-Up (For Parents)

If you send a parent email, newsletter, or have a blog, please include this link to Volunteer Spot for our Family Literacy Night:

We are looking for donations of hot chocolate packets, cookies, and a set-up crew!


Staff Meeting - Tuesday, January 5th

Tuesday, Jan. 5th 2016 at 3:15pm

1101 Prospect Street

Watertown, WI

All Staff will meet on this first Tuesday after break. The PLC Planning Team had a productive meeting this past week and determined the following as our agenda:

- All Staff Activity (Community-Building) - Media Center

- Team Discussions and Goal-Setting - Using "One Step at a Time" and PLC Rubric as a guide

PALS Update from Nancy Z. for K-2 Teachers

K-2 Teachers: Mid-year PALS update

WHEN: The mid-year PALS window for WUSD is January 11-22, 2016

WHO: PALS mid-year should be given to all students who were ID’d in the fall, those who are receiving reading interventions and those who you have concerns about. You can give ALL of the assessment or individual parts at midyear. (If students were not ID’d but had one area of concern in the fall, you could give just that portion of the screener if you wish).

WHAT: The Kindergarten COW rhyme is “Rain, Rain, Go Away”. Start teaching it early so students have it memorized!

WHAT: The PALS 1-2 COW rhyme is “Hey Diddle Diddle”. If the Level B or C tasks were administered in the fall, they should be administered again mid-year to assess growth.


New Students: If you have new students since the fall window, be sure to contact Lynn Linskens to add them to your class in the PALS system.

Kindergarten Mid-year materials: The mid-year materials do not change from year to year. You should have a manila envelope that contains a Administration and Scoring Guide (FORM C), Student Packet, Student Spelling sheet, Student Booklet (contains Group Rhyme Awareness and Group Beginning Sound Awareness), Individual Rhyme Awareness booklet, Rain, Rain booklet, and individual Beginning Sound Awareness cards.

PALS 1-3 Mid-year Materials: The mid-year materials do not change from year to year. You should have an Administration and Scoring Guide (FORM C), Teacher Packet, Student Packet, Mid-year Student Spelling Sheet, and the 5 small books for pre-primer/primer reading and COW.

Score Entry: Please use the WIZARD for scoring. That way you will enter scores as the child tests and have immediate results to use in planning instruction and intervention. All scores should be entered by January 22, 2016. (Earlier is preferred)

If you are missing any materials OR need help with administration, please let Nancy Zimmermann know.

Emily's Schedule for the Week (12/14-12/18)

Monday - 12/14

7:25 Read in Cafeteria (Holiday Book)

8:05 Announcements

8:15 Geography Bee (5th, then 4th) - Cafeteria


3:15 PBIS Meeting

3:30 Parent Meeting (Brunner/Kennon)

Tuesday - 12/15

7:25 Read in Cafeteria (Holiday Book)

8:05 Announcements

8:30-11:15 Cabinet (ESC)

Afternoon - K-2 Rehearsal

5:30 WRMC Board Meeting

6:30 K-2 Holiday Concert

Wednesday - 12/16

7:30 IEP (Berres/Rens)

8:05 Announcements


2:00 Square 1 Art Distribution (PTO)

2:15 IEP (Kreuser/Gresenz)

3:15 IEP (Li Clark/Baxter)

Thursday - 12/17

7:20 Special Ed Team Meeting

8:05 Announcements

AM - 3-5 Rehearsal

6:00 - 3-5 Holiday Concert

Friday - 12/18

7:25 Read in Cafeteria

8:05 Announcements

9:00-10:00 Caroling Round 1

10:20 WHS Carolers

1:00-2:00 Caroling Round 2

After School - Secret Santa Reveal!

Rock Star Staff of the Week: Nikki Kreutzman, Ann Baxter, and Julie Burchardt!