Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

February 2, 2017

Mission Statement

We, the Wizards of the CAP House, will participate in advanced level learning, have a growth mindset, and work towards BIG dreams, by following our school rules, and having fun!


  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Be Kind
  • Persevere

What's Happening??

  • 2/3 - Report Cards Come Home

  • 2/3 - Spirit Day; Wear your favorite jersey for Super Bowl

  • 2/7 - No School; Teacher PD Day

  • 2/20 - President's Day; No School

  • 2/28 - Evening Conferences


Happy February! We are officially halfway through the school year. It's hard to believe we haven't been in school for a full week yet this year. Hopefully this month we will get back on track.

Mrs. Corbidge would like to remind families to please complete the climate survey if you have not already done so. You can complete it at or let us know if you want a paper survey sent home. The survey results are used to help make positive changes in our school so please share your opinion.

Ravenclaw won the house cup for December and have just chosen their activity which will be a pizza party on Friday at 11:30. Students may choose to bring in a drink of their choice, but NO soda is allowed. This is also Super Bowl Spirit Day so students should wear their favorite jersey too.

With the start of the new marking period, we are spending some time with the 7 Habits of Habit Kids. These are the same 7 Habits shared in Covery's book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Lately, there has been a little dip in effort and work ethic as work is being turned in incomplete or in some cases, not at all. We have reviewed what is expected in the CAP classroom and started setting goals for the rest of the year. My goal is through the use of the 7 Habits we can all get back on track, ending the year strong, while we develop healthy habits we can use forever. This week we are focusing on Being Proactive and I encourage you to chat with your child about what this means to them!

Have a great rest of the week!

Happy Thursday,

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle

Shields Surfer

The Shields Surfer has launched. Track our boats progress at


This week in reading, we took time to review what a well-written response is to an open-ended question looks like. One of the big focus on in reading is using text evidence to support answers. It is not enough to just answer the question, but students must use the text to prove the answer. The students have learned how to complete basic citations, use quotations, and refer to page numbers in their responses.

We used our Mind in Time books to read some poetry about time. We referred back to our time generalizations to make connections to the text. We are using a Vocabulary Web as a tool to help us define words we do not know in text. Part of the web includes understanding parts of speech as well as prefix, suffix, and root words. The goal is for students to begin using what they know about words to help them understand higher vocabulary.


Informational writing pieces have been completed and came home graded this week. Every piece I read taught me something new!

Our next writing unit will be opinion, a.k.a. persuasive, writing. We all enjoyed getting back to writing workshop the past couple weeks, participating in mini-lessons and then getting to spend most of the time writing!


Our math motto: Always think before you do.

4th grade

We kicked off our fractions unit by folding strips of paper to make fraction strips. These strips will be used to begin making equivalent fractions. We will then move into ordering and comparing fractions. The idea is to have students first using benchmarks to help order. This is when they will think if the fractions is closer to 0, 1/2, or 1. Then when they have close fractions they will eventually begin to use the common denominator to compare them.

5th grade

We have discussed the idea of fraction as division and students were surprised to see that the fraction line is actually another symbol for division. They practiced writing fractions as division problems and solved word problems that required them to think about whether the fraction would be proper or improper. Before beginning to solve the problems, students were to think what whole numbers their solutions would be between. You will notice a few different fraction assignments come home this week for your student to share with you.

Multiplying fractions is a focus for this week and next. Students are and will be using fraction strips, number lines, and the area model for visualizing multiplying fractions.

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