Bingham Elementary

News and Notes Week of October 17

Weekly Schedule

  • Staff Development (2 hours) starts at 9 in the library. 5 hours PL time. Grades due at 4:30


  • Blue Jay News on Canvas or Diallo
  • Math Team Meetings
  • Fire Prevention Visits
  • Indicator group meetings after school (you can do these meetings on Monday if everyone is available and able)


  • Pledge - Diallo
  • Math Team Meetings


  • Pledge - Diallo
  • Fire Prevention Visits


  • Pledge - Diallo
  • I will be out in the morning for meetings.

Quick Reminders

  • Breakfast counts. Please do not mark everyone as eating breakfast. Even though it is a free breakfast for the students, it is provided by federal dollars so if there is ever an audit of who is eating and they find we are marking absent students as eating that is basically fraud with federal funds. I know many of you have trained students to do this, so please make sure they are diligent and doing the job correctly.
  • Be mindful of what you print and please pay attention to what size it is when you print it. The reason for many of the copier/printer issues that that pages are being sent to the printer that are not the normal size.
  • Don't forget to apply to present at a staff meeting.
  • Please get your conference schedules to Terri.

On-Going Reminders

  • Please remember to only send emergencies to the nurse's office during breakfast and lunch. Please use a blue note when you do.
  • Lunch counts and attendance need to be entered by 9:15, or Terri will start calling.


  • K-1 will be Monday and Thursday
  • 2-3 will be Tuesday and Friday
  • 4-5 plus Mrs. Slover, the office and stage will be Wednesday
An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

Crazy Doc's rant and raves...

The end of the first quarter is upon us. How did it go? Did you meet your goals? Did your students meet their goals?

I was talking to a friend last night at soccer who had a meeting with Dan Gilbert

he spoke of the wealth that Gilbert had obtained and the people who surround him and continue to help him earn his wealth. The man basically owns large portions of Detroit and Cleveland and employs thousands of people. I thought as educators we will likely never make that kind of money or exude that kind of power, however we help to make the people who do into who they become.

Teaching is a profession in which we will never become wealthy in material means, we will likely never be on a list in Forbes magazine, likely not going to have a team of people to help us manage our wealth. However, all of the professions who are able to that do so because of a teacher. Thank you for all you do to impact the future. Thank you for all you give up to help others achieve. Thank you for giving the spark and love of learning to others.

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