wave of terror

the tsunami of 2004

the tsunami of 2004

These are the effect of tsunami .How strong was the tsunami of 2004?how many people died in the tsunami of 2004.You will hear a survivor story?You will find out in this flyer.

How strong was the tsunami of 2004

The tsunami of 2004 maybe one of the worst tsunami in history.The tsunami of 2004 had the the power of twenty three thousand Hiroshima type atomic bombs. One Hiroshima type atomic bomb killed two hundred thirty six thousand half in the first day.It was started by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake The tsunami in the Indian Ocean traveled as far as 3,000 miles to Africa.With in hours of the earthquake violent waves slammed in to coastlines.

survivor stories

Survivor said this “We hadn’t seen the sea at all that morning". The first thing we knew was when people came running into the café where we were having breakfast, knocking tables, chairs and people over. We couldn’t help but panic, because everyone else was panicking. We joined the masses and ran out of the back of the café, into the market.

Outside, there was chaos. People were running in all directions and there was a lot of screaming. It was a like being in a horror movie, but we had no idea what was going on. Someone said in Thai: “Water come, water come.”

Ahead of us, the shoreline was bubbling and boiling. One wave had struck and refracted around the headland, forming another wave of about seven meters high that came from the opposite direction, smashing resorts to smithereens. It was suddenly really, really windy''.

LUKE SIMON, then 30, was teaching on the Thai islands of Phi Phi when the tsunami hit. His brother Piers, 33, was killed in the disaster.

The Simon family set up the Piers Simon Appeal. Its flagship project is School in a Bag.

boxing day

"It was like being tossed in a massive washing machine with the entire contents of the island". I didn't have any sensation except for complete, utter, fear'- Tsunami survivor Christine Lang

there were over 2,507,000 deaths?

One of the most dangerous times for these contents.In India 10,749 and 5640 missing.in Indonesia there was 131,028 deaths and 37,000 missing.in Sri Lanka 31,229 deaths and 4,093 missing.In Thailand there was 5,395 and 8247 injured and 2,817.
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