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October 1, 2015 Volume 1/No. 7

Did I just type the word OCTOBER?
(Yes, I did!)
Happy October!


  1. PLCs... Mandatory...but you have to register. (
  2. Read Engaged Connector...resources abound!
  3. Network with your team. You're not in this alone. If you were, it would be called a SLOW (Solitary, Lonely, Overwhelmed Women).

Upcoming Professional Learning Community Information

10/13- 3pm Eastern/2pm Central/ 1pm Mtn/ 12noon Pacific

Our Breakout Time will include a discussion about how you collect data that is valuable to your FEC role, what you ask when you do, what you learn from it, and how you use it.

  1. If you have surveyed your parents this year or in the past or if you've done any other sort of data collection, please be prepared to share your experience.
  2. If you have documents or tools that people can see, please send them ahead to Lori.
  3. If you have not done this yet, please begin to formulate your thoughts on this to share.

A few resources to share...

If you have not explored the Harvard Family Research Project site or the Early Childhood Investigations website, you really should. The HFRP site is very, very dense with information, so the first session (a mere 20 minutes!) can give you a leg up on the sorts of goodies that are there for you and how to access things. Check it out!

The Early Childhood Investigative site really offers content that far surpasses the realm of the early childhood moniker.
Both sessions listed below...and both are free. (and really, you can't beat free!)

Cyber walk-through of Family Engagement Content on Harvard Family Research Project Site

Cyber Walk-Through: Professional Development in Family Engagement

Register now for this event to be held on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 1‒1:20 p.m. (EST)/12-12:20pm Central/11-11:20am Mtn/ 10-10:20am Pacific

Come and join us at Harvard Family Research Project for a 20-minute cyber walk-through of the professional development section of our website. You can discover tools to engage practitioners in problem solving and reflective practice in their partnerships with families.

In this cyber walk-through, we will highlight a variety of professional development resources, including family engagement cases, an interactive case, and the Create Your Own Case Toolkit ―each of which utilizes the best of what adult learning has to offer to promote family engagement. We will also explore tools that can be used to assess learner progress.

Participating in this event will help you:

  • Discover resources you can use immediately to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators to work with families effectively;
  • Learn practical ideas for how to use the resources presented to meet individual professional learning goals as well as group and program-wide training needs; and
  • Connect with other professional development specialists, faculty, coaches, administrators, and educators interested in professional development in family engagement

Early Childhood Investigations Webinars
Engaging Hispanic Families: Overcoming Challenges to Enrich Lives
Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, President National Alliance for Hispanic Families

Offering responsive programs to all children and their families can be challenging but very rewarding. If your program is especially culturally and economically diverse, understanding and respecting the various cultural differences is critical to meeting the need of the families. This webinar will zoom in on the specific needs of Hispanic children programs serving low income families, and the strategies your program needs to employ to engage their families. Yvette Sanchez Fuentes President, National Alliance for Hispanic Families, and former Director for the Office of Head Start at the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), will walk through:

  • the research and public policy issues framing the challenges of low-income Hispanic families in the US,
  • implications for best practice in early education settings, and
  • practical cultural and linguistic strategies for engaging families.

Join this powerful webinar to enhance your program’s family engagement strategies to make a difference for Hispanic children.

All sessions are 1.5 hours long, and include a brief announcement from our sponsor.

Date: October 21, 2015

Time: 2:oo PM – 3:30 PM Eastern Time/1-2:30pm Central/

12-1:30pm Mtn/11a-12:30p Pacific

Can’t participate in our webinars at the appointed time? Never fear! All of the webinars are recorded.

To view the recording, simply register now and you will receive an email with a link to the recording when it is ready to be viewed. You can still download the certificate by watching the recording to the end when the certificate link is announced and displayed on the screen.

Tool to Share

Big image


Very often we want to share fun, educational or motivational videos with our families, but you never know where a video on youtube will take you or what else will show as advertisements. It's really an unknown. Thanks to JASMIN POOR of Cyber Academy of South Carolina, we have a tool that can help with this issue. is a free site that allows you to paste a youtube link and generate a safe link without all the extraneous stuff that we don't need our families viewing accidentally.
If you recall the "Pumpkin" video that I posted a few editions ago, you can see what the safeshare version looks like HERE.
Big image
Recent Recordings You May Have Missed

Behavior Strategies for Learning Coaches, Part 1
We are exploring strategies for working with your children, reducing conflict, and helping your students make better choices in our 3-part series.
Presented by Dr. Gary Smith, K12
Part 2: Wednesday, Oct 7
Part 3: Wednesday, Oct. 21

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GREAT! Go ahead and send this link to other STAFF members who might enjoy the contents. We're all about being engaging...and that means anyone! Here's the link:
Today, I tripped on this talk...and it turned out to be a speaker and blogger from whom I've learned a great deal. Simon Sinek's topic in this TEDx is How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It strikes me that as Engagement Coordinators, we each want to inspire action from our families. Listen to this talk through the constructs of your role...and who you work to inspire. It will sound like business concept...but's about what you do, too.
Let me know what you think. I'm interested.

Post Script: In Just 5 Minutes

Do you have your 5 Minute reminder posted in YOUR space? It's not to late! The reminder matters.

Here's a what Jasmin Poor looks at every day to remember... 5 minutes can matter...the DO matter!
Please, send me a picture of YOUR 5 Minute sign and maybe yours will be posted next!

Neuroscience and the Best Music

Great article from Business Insider. Consider this an October gift for today. Hit this link and then read and hit the Spotify Link or the YouTube Listing in this article (same stuff).
It just might change your mood. (The last one is the one that did it for me.)

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