Phishing, Retail/Auction, and Work at Home


Phishing is when a person sends a mass email to a bunch of people trying to get your personal information. It looks real and it could also have a link to a website that asks you to fill out information.


It's when you buy something that you paid for and that you don't get because they were just trying to hook you into buying it. They might also send you something that is different then what you ordered.

Work at Home

You pay for a kit for working at home and it's not real. There might be a website that seems real but is actually not but it says that working at home is better and can earn you more money

Avoiding Fraud

How to Avoid Fraud:

Phishing:Don't give in to the messages be careful where you put your information.

Retail/Auction: Be careful of the website that your on and make sure its legit.

Work at Home: Watch the URL and make sure its a real news source.