Analog vs Digital

by Seher Sharma

Analog and Digital Technlogy

Analog clocks, a cassette tape, and a vinyl record are all examples of analog signals, because they all use waves tht are recorded and used in its original /naturl form.

Digital clocks, cell phones, and computers are all examples of digital signals, because they all use binary code to function. The waves that are being seent out only have 2 amplitudes 1 and 0, making square waves

Analg vs Digital Signals

1. Analog signals aresent out by sine waves ( waves that look like transverse waves) where as digital signals are sent out by square waves ( waves that look square/ rectangular).

2.Analog signals are continuous ( meaning they never stop sending), and digital signals are discrete ( they play, then stop, play then stop).

3. The signals for analog, are sent by pulses, and digital signals are sent by electric waves, varrying amplitudes.

Analog vs Digital Technology

1. Analog technology has a very low cost, because t digital technology is very expensive. For example, a vinyl record, back then, would have cost around $2, but a cd with an album would cost about $12 on itunes.

2. Analog technology records the waves as is, and does not change them, but digital technology samples the analog waves to a specifically limited set of numbers ans then record them in binary format, 0's amd 1's, to play the data

3. Analog technology cannot keep the quality as good as when it was first played. It degrades each time, meaning that it looses bits and peices of the quality each time it is played, it gets scratched up and plays worse sound(example) quality each time. But on the other hand, digital technology keeps its good quality, it can be played as many times as you want, and it dosent matter, the quality stays the same.

Analog? or Digital?

I would choose digital technology over analog technlogy. Analog technology is not very portable. Walkmans ans small stereos were made, but that is not nearly as portable as digital devices such as an ipod, cell phone, or ipad. Digital technology is far more developed but analog technology, that had been createed long before. Analog technology will never be up to date, because it can never be as advanced, it used information and data in the natural form, and dosent change it. Also, digital technology has much better quality. For example, every time a vynil record is played, it degrades (gets scratched up and looses a little bit of the quality each time it is played/ used) a little. Soon, after you play it a will always keep their perfect quality. Digital technology is a much better choice than analog technology.
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