Celebration of Writing Ideas

COW Night is March 5th Oaktree Elementary


You may write about anything you are passionate about. Writing may be only part of your COW Project. The following questions are to help you get thinking about what you can do at COW Night. The only requirement is that you have to have some writing. It can be a script, a storyboard, a description of your danceā€¦.you MUST have some writing to go with your project. You can be as creative as you wish!

Are you an Artist?- You may create works of art in any medium, draw sketches, make a sculpture

Are you a scientist? You may conduct research on any topic that interests you and present it in the science area, do an experiment

Are you a reader? You may want to do a wax museum of a famous person you read about, or create a setting map, character mask, use your imagination on how you can represent a book that you read.

Are you a performer? Do you sing, dance, play an instrument, tell jokes, perform magic tricks- we have a stage for you to show us your talents. (permission slip required and turned in by February 21st)

Are you an author? Show off your talent by publishing a book, poem or song.

Are you an animal lover? Write about your favorite animals (If an animal is going to be brought in you need a permission slip by February 21st )

Do you love to use technology? Create a movie, blog, animated film, slide show or Blabberize, program a robot, show us how to code

Are you an athlete? Show us your skills in a performance, write a book about your sport, write an instruction manual for your sport, film yourself showing us how to play your sport.

Are you a gamer? Make a new game, write a tip sheet on how to be successful playing different video games, write a how to on how to get started with a game.

Do you love to cook? You can write recipe books, show us how to make something by video or a performance.

Are you a poet? Poems can be written, illustrated and shared

Do you like to travel? Write about your trips, make a map of where you have been

Do you like history? Create a representation of a historical event, make a movie of an event, write a book or poem about an event in history

Do you love math? Create geometric designs and explain how to create them, make a video of you explaining how to do a math problem.

Do you love LEGO Blocks Create something with LEGO Blocks and write about what you created

Are you a crafter? Do you make jewelry? Scrapbook?

This is your night to show your genius. Show the world what you are passionate about.

*** Any performance or anything involving animals requires a permission slip turned in to Miss Alford by February 21st