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The Wind Waker is notable for being the first game in the series to employ cel-shading, a lighting and texturing technique that results in the game having a cartoon-like appearance. It also differentiates itself from other Zelda games with its massive overworld, the Great Sea (which may be the largest overworld of any Zelda game), which must be explored using a boat, the King of Red Lions. It is an indirect sequel to Ocarina of Time,taking place several hundred years after the events of the previous games. On Link's birthday his sister, Aryll gets captured by the Helmaroc King Ganondorf. The adventure awaits as Link travels through Hyrule, On the King of Red Lions. He tries to travel to links, "Connection between places or something", in places, as you find pieces to put back together the Tri-Force. The un-forsaken journey of a hero trying to restore peace to the land.

filled with Mario, Mortal combat, Star fox, Mega man, and Finally a New sonic!
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