Swaroop Thammineni


Cause and Effect

Born in Akron, Ohio, LeBron James started at the bottom as a child. His father wasn't in the picture. As a result, LeBron and his mother faced a lot of adversity. The beginning of LeBron's life was somewhat similar to Eleanor Roosevelt's life because both of her parents were alcoholic and depressed, but Eleanor didn't give up, even though her husband died, she didn't. LeBron, found his talent at a very young age, and that talent was playing basketball. Because of his talent he turned his family's life around. Now he is going to the finals for the sixth time and looking forward to winning it his third time.

Just like Rudy


LeBron James story is just like the story of Rudy. In the beginning Rudy showed passion and sympathy for the sport football. In high school he had a dream to go to Notre Dame and play football there. Unfortunately Rudy had horrible grades, this is just like LeBron James because LeBron skipped a lot of school because couldn't afford it. So Rudy knew that he couldn't get into Notre Dame so he worked hard, got good grades, and got into Notre Dame to play football. This story is also similar to what LeBron James faced in the beginning of his life.

Coming Back To Cleveland


When LeBron James decided to comeback to Cleveland he said "People shouldn't expect extraordinary things, yet,",and it was true, because it was his first season with the team in eight years, which is a long time. In the first three and a half months into the season the team had a lot of miscommunication and lost a lot of games to not so good teams. Suddenly half way into the season LeBron found out what to fix in his team, then, took control of his team with leadership, overcame the adversity of them losing, and also took control of the entire Eastern Conference. Now LeBron looking as if he is the eye of the tiger because he is not letting himself make a mistake and takes everything seriously. He also is taking his hungry team to the Finals, in his first season back with the Cavaliers, to win the championship.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Compare and Contrast

While LeBron James is playing, people are having doubt whether he can surpass Michael Jordan. After his team's win, which swept Atlanta, it is taking LeBron James to his sixth Final, fifth consecutive one, and to another. Where as for Jordan he made the Bulls go to the Finals six times and won the championship the same six times. Some similarities between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is that they both have the mentality to win no matter how long of a journey it takes. Sometimes they falter in the journey because of injuries and financial issues, but then they persevere and adhere to it, he said to us on his first game, "I treat every day like its my last day with a basketball".