Volunteering at FMSC

Abby Christianson and Amanda Perez

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Impact of the Project

This project has had a great impact on the both of us. It has helped us learn a lot about the amount of children starving throughout the world. It also has made us appreciate what we have more, realizing other people are less fortunate.


  • Feed My Starving Children is a non profit Christian organization committed to feeding children in need
  • Children and adults can volunteer and hand-pack meals specially designed for malnourished children
  • They ship these meals to their distribution partners and the meals have reached over 70 countries world-wide.
  • A single meal only cost 22 cents to produce
  • 92% of donations go directly to the food program

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because I have volunteered at FMSC before and figured this would be a great opportunity to volunteer again. I also chose this topic because throughout the word there are many countries not as fortunate as we are. World Hunger is a huge problem and even the smallest things like volunteering at a food packing place or a homeless shelter help.