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The Story of our Founders

A long time ago in WW2 the Axis force created a noxious gas in case of there surrender. But Hitler never got to issue the order to release the gas. 30 years the UTE (United Terran States) uncovered the secret Nazi bunker and accidentally released it, this incident was called The Start of the New World. The UTE quickly realized that the gas was noxious and expanded rapidly killing anything and anyone in its path. The UTE managed to get a portion of this gas in a controlled environment and studied it while the rest of humanity died they swiftly found that the gas could not climb to a certain altitude. The UTE quickly reacted and initiated a response and evacuated all of the UTE's remaining population to the alps and other mountain ranges worldwide to save them from the gas. And then we where created, the UTE in their dying breathe created us or UASS (United Aplan Socialist States) and four other nations, The Rocky Mountain Union, The Himalayan Republic, The Ural Confederacy and The Grand Andan Monarchy. And that is our story.
National Anthem of USSR
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Judicial Laws and Punishments

All judicial laws must be obeyed by all citizens and non-citizens in the United Alpan Socialist States or punishments from the highest order will be issued.

Punishments include jail, the electric chair, wiping, and other measures will be authenticated if said laws are not obeyed. Such as:

  • Appropriate clothing must always be worn outside of residences
  • No counter-state propaganda will be released or spread to the public authorization by the state is required to write any book or news story
  • It is required that you are kind to visitors and head political figures, rudeness is not permitted
  • Words such as Freedom, Liberty and anti-state language is not permitted under any circumstances
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