Junk Food Vs Healthy Alternative

By Gervasio Chavez

Healthy Snacks


  1. Eat a variety of foods from the five food groups
  2. Include vegetables, wholegrains, fruit, nuts and seeds every day
  3. Choose healthier fats and oils
  4. Limit sugary, fatty and salty take-away meals and snacks
  5. Drink mainly water.

Junk food


  1. Over 90% of American children eat at McDonald’s at least once per month
  2. The regular consumption of junk food is the leading factor in obesity and excess weight.
  3. Research has suggested that diets high in fat may also impair essential brain functions, like concentration and memory
  4. The average American of any age drinks over 500 cans of soft drinks per year
  5. The average person today consumes more sugar in two weeks than a person a century ago would have eaten in a whole year.