World Religons Project

By Cole Kearby


The Christian religion is monotheistic. They believe that God sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Their holy book is the Bible. The major holiday for Christianity is Christmas. A highly practiced ritual is prayer.

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Judaism is monotheistic. It's about having a conventional relationship with God and the children of Israel. The holy book is the Torah. They have one God, God. The major holiday is Hanukkah and a highly practiced ritual is prayer.

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Buddhism is monotheistic. There are two branches of Buddhism. The holy book is called the Diamond Sutra. A holiday is called a Vetra which is a Buddhist birthday. Their God is called Gautma Buddha.

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Hinduism is a monotheistic religion. There is no holy book of Hinduism. Hinduism believes in one supreme being but there is no name for that God. One of the many holidays is called Holi, just another religious celebration. One highly practiced ritual is meditation.

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Islam is a monotheistic religion. The holy book of Islam is Qur'an. The God of Islam is called Allah. Eid Al-Fitr is a celebration of a month of fasting. Highly practiced rituals are prayer and meditation.

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