Book Review of Number The Stars

By: Adhitya

General Information

Well.... this General Information about this book. So the author of the book is one the most famous authors in the world Louis Lowry. The genre is Historical Fiction/drama. This book takes you into life of two families in Denmark during World War II. One Family is Jewish and the other is Danish. This the time of the peak of the war and the Germans are taking the Jews away. Now it is time for Annmarie and her Family to save the Jewish Family- The Rosen's. And send them the Sweden with safety.


The Characters in this book are :-

Danish Family:-

Mr. Johansen

Ms. Johansen

Annemarie Johanson

Kirsty Johanson

Peter Neilson

Lise Johanson

Uncle Henrick

Jewish Family:-

Ellen Rosen

Mr. Rosen

Ms. Rosen

German Soldiers



This is the story of 2 families one Danish and another Jewish. It shows how the Jewish were tortured by Germans and the Danish Resistance helped those Jewish and Safely sent them to Sweden.

It all Started when Annemarie with her best friend Ellen and her sister Kirsty was stopped by a German Soldier. And then when Ellen told it at home their mom's Ms. Johansen and Rosen got angry. And then they warn the girls never to go next soldiers.

Life changed in Denmark since the war started. It changed in both the families too. Few week later Ms. Johansen went to get some buttons for Kirsty's torn shirt. And then All of the sudden the shop was closed. It said something in German and then Annemarie realized it was a Swastika on that shop. And that they was the Jewish New Year and News spread that German soldiers started capturing Jews. The List of Jews names was listed on the Jewish church and it contained Ellen and her families name. And now it was up to the resistance to save those innocent civilians of Denmark.

After a few days, Peter Neilson came. He was the husband of Lise,- Annemarie's sister. A few years ago Lise died in a car accident. And after the war started Peter was no more a funny person. I was a serious person and she could barely see him. even if he comes home he rushes back in a hurry because of the patrols in each street corner.

That night Peter told about the current situation in Denmark with a big issue which was they were just coming into houses and seizing Jews. Now the Johansen's had to save the rosens from the Nazi's. They had to hide the Rosen's. Read the story to see what is going to happen these two families.

Book Review Rating

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What do I think about this book?

I think Number the Stars earned a five-star rating because it is a nice and suspenseful story for kids about my age from 9 years - 18 years. The reason why I chose this book is because this story provides information about a life of and Jewish Family in Denmark and how they struggled like rations and splitting from their children. I have read this story at least two times and I still want to read it.

One of the reasons I did not like this book is because of the ending because it does not talk about what happens to the two characters or what did they do.

One reason that I liked the book is because of it's suspenseful parts like when a Nazi soldiers call them.

About the Critics

Hi! I am Adhitya and I am going into sixith Grade. I am a student and i Love to talk about hstory and social Studies. One of my favriote places is phildelphia because of it's history.

I also like this book because i like history and this book is about people in World War 2

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