RU Student Handbook Updates

Summer 2022

Hello RU Families and Community,

This summer we have spent a significant amount of time going over data collected last school year from students, staff, and families. The information we collected has resulted in updates to our Student Handbook. The entire handbook is available online, but we wanted to highlight sections that have been updated and ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of expectations before our school year begins.

We appreciate deeply the ways in which the RU community has supported us and given us the information we need to make our school community stronger. Although we have both worked at Randolph Union Middle High School for many years, last year was our first year as Co-principals and we learned a lot. While last year we kept many of the rules the same, this year, with the information we have collected and community support, we feel comfortable making some changes.

All of these changes take into account the fact that we are working to create a healthy, strong, academic community that prepares students for the world they will encounter when they leave our school. Please look for a document in the first week of school that asks for a signature indicating that you have reviewed the Student Handbook with your child. Students must have this form returned to the school before representing the school in co-curricular activities and attending field trips. It will be important to sign and return that form as soon as possible.

Please be in communication with us if you have additional thoughts! We are very excited to have the building full of students soon!


Lisa & Caty

Dress Code


RU expects students to dress in a manner that prepares them for the world of work and academia beyond RU. To that end, student dress expectations are as follows:

Dress for Safety

  1. No student shall be allowed to wear clothing that poses a safety risk. This includes exceptionally sharp, loose articles or potentially dangerous jewelry.

  2. Students may be asked to wear specific items if they are going on a field trip or working in a space that has specific safety and health requirements (such as the kitchen classroom or Innovation Center) and should comply with those reasonable requests.

Dress for Professionalism and Respect

  1. Wear clothing that is school or career ready. Refrain from wearing overly revealing clothing or clothing that was intended for a different purpose. All members of the RU community are expected to wear a shirt and bottom outerwear (skirt/shorts/pants/dress).

  2. No student shall be allowed to wear clothing that implicitly or explicitly:

    1. includes reference to illegal drugs, nicotine, or alcohol;

    2. includes reference to use of weapons;

    3. denotes comments of a sexual nature;

    4. includes vulgar language; and/or includes language, images or messaging that are offensive, potentially disruptive, or disruptive to the learning environment

If a student arrives at school wearing an item that is not allowed, s/he/they will be asked to cover or otherwise adapt it, change the clothing, or be directed to the administration for remedy. Refusal to comply with reasonable requests may result in disciplinary action.

Chemical Free/Non-Smoking Procedures


The chemical health policy for the student body and student athletes recognizes that participation in co-curricular, and non-curricular school sponsored events and student athletics, is not a right, and students must adhere to these policies as a condition of their eligibility to participate. The primary focus of this policy is educational; it is designed to develop the skills and habits of mind necessary for students to make better decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Chemical Health Policy

A student shall not, regardless of quantity, illegally consume possess, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol, including products such as non-alcoholic or near beer; any tobacco product, marijuana, steroids or any other controlled substance, or any substance hereafter called chemicals that alter perception or behavior, reducing that individual’s ability to function appropriately at any time.

It is the policy of this District to prohibit the use of substances including marijuana, tobacco or tobacco substitutes (e.g. e-cigarettes and vaporizers) and all chemicals on school grounds in accordance with state law (Act 135). This ban extends to any student, employee or visitor to the school, and applies at all times, whether or not school is in session. Students are, furthermore, prohibited from possessing these products at all times while under the supervision of school staff or at school sponsored activities. The OSSD school public school system reserves the right to impose stringent penalties in an effort to ensure the welfare of the student body. RU is a chemical/tobacco-free environment. Smoking of tobacco, using e-cigarettes and vaping, is not allowed in RU buildings or on RU property or during RU sponsored events. Violations include:

Sale and distribution of chemicals including tobacco products, will result in:

-local law enforcement will be contacted

-minimum, automatic 5 day suspension

-continued infractions will lead to limitations placed on attendance at school events

-student may be brought before the school board for expulsion; all expulsions must be approved by the board.

Purchase and/or possession/use of chemicals, tobacco products or e-cigarette/vaping products, the following will occur:

-students who are visibly under the influence will be suspended for the remainder of the school day

-students who are not visibly under the influence will stay in school

-all prohibited materials will be permanently confiscated and may be handed over to law enforcement.

-First referral: Students will not be permitted to take part in any school activities or co-curriculars until they have met with a SAP counselor, School Based Clinician, School Counselor or School Nurse, and determined a treatment path, including 2 sessions with a cessation counselor. After those sessions have occurred students may resume engagement in all school activities and extracurriculars.

- Continued referrals will result in students being required to work with a counselor or on site clinician and write a treatment plan regarding substance control. This will include a referral to and participation in a cessation program. Programs are available in partnership with Gifford Healthcare and may include independent work, online work, or in person work guided by a counselor or medical professional. The students and parents, not the school district, will assume all costs of referrals and treatment.

-students will not be permitted to attend after school activities including extracurriculars until documentation of counseling and treatment programming in progress will occur.

- Refusal to participate will result in the student being suspended from all school based activities and events, as well as extracurriculars until they participate in an approved treatment process.

At the beginning of the school year, the school must receive a signed acknowledgement form, which indicates that the student and family have signed attesting to their knowledge of this policy. Students will not be permitted to participate in school sponsored events or co-curricular activities until it is signed and in the possession of the administration.

Cell Phones


Out of respect for our educational mission, classmates, and staff, we will not tolerate use of electronic devices except during lunch or recess or with express staff permission. Families should plan to contact the Main Office to get messages to students or for students to have phone access before school, mid day, and after school. Please plan accordingly.

  • Photographing or videotaping students and staff without permission will not be tolerated.

  • RU is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.

Energy Drinks


Energy drinks have become more common in the past few years at RU. Starting this school year, they will not be allowed in our schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that adolescents under 12 years old should consume no caffeine at all. 100mg of caffeine per day for ages 12-18 is considered a safe dose.

Common side effects of a toxic level of caffeine include:

  • Nervousness, jitteriness, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, and chest pain.

  • Increased incidence of dehydration from caffeine consumption.

Please contact Caty Sutton, Lisa Floyd, or Sadie Lyford, RN with any questions.

Save the Date!

Our family forums will be held in the RU Media Center on the third Thursday of each month. The first one will be held on Thursday, September 15th at 5:30 PM in the RUHS Media Center.