By: Kirstie Busa, Katie Foster, and Cameron Brown

Marching Band By: Kirstie Busa

Marching band is a very fun experience to have during your high school years. Most people think that marching band is just a waste of time, boring, and a non-athletic event to do. You see though it’s not! Marching is a fun way to learn aswell as well athletic event to do.

The Marching band music is one of the many things that make up the fun and the marching band itself. It take many months for most players to learn, and play the music by memory just in time for football season. It takes great responsibility in taking in such a task. With this it creates a new way for people/students to improve their skills in being more responsible. Just something like this can come from simply learning to play some music. Most of the time the music isnt easy. It can be very difficult to play songs that are fast or slow, just depending on how you learn is how it is, but the good thing out of this is if you play it very nicely the songs can be very pretty and intriguing to the audiences ears if it is played well, as well as being practiced and rehearsed correctly. Another interesting thing about the music is that it usually has a theme or topic that the band director usually chooses then searches for songs that fall under that theme. With theses songs they are extremely interesting and intriguing to hear.

Uniforms for band are another interesting thing about marching band must consist of of hats,plumes,shoes, gauntlets, bibbers, gloves, and color coordinating socks. With this special attire it brings out the uniqueness of the band. With all this supplies you must take great responsibility as well. There are many ways you MUST take care of the products. There are many bags and boxes that you must carefully put all of this in in order to one not get in trouble and to keep the uniforms clean and good for wearing for the next game. One of the other characteristics of the uniforms, is that they represent the school. They are usually colored with the schools colors. With this it shows how the band shows the pride.

The last of one of the many things in band is the marching itself. The techniques you have to learn in order to do this takes a lot of practice. You must work and be the best you can be while you are learning this.Also you get a very good workout, out of this. When you practice your body moves to the tempo of the songs and if you mess up once you have to start all over!

Now that you have read this I hope you have reconsidered your thoughts on marching band, and now understand why it is the way it is.

How to draw a face (Manga Style) By Cameron Brown

Follow these simple instructions and I will teach you how to draw a human face; manga style! First we will start with drawing the

skeleton. This isn’t exactly like the skeletons you see on Halloween

or in a museum; it’s really just a guide to help you along the way.

To start the skeleton first you need to lightly draw a circle where you want the top of your head to start. Then you need to lightly draw a line, vertically down from the top of the circle to where you want to start your chin. After you’ve drawn you vertical line draw a horizontal line across the face under the circle and down by the bottom of your vertical line. After you have the lines make the out line of your face. Now that you have the main shape for your face, start drawing the facial features. Use the lines as guides and draw the eyes along them. By doing this your eyes will be proportional and non-lopsided. Then go down and draw the nose which is really just a vertical line. After that go down the the last line and draw your mouth however you wish. You can give your drawing any expression you want.

After you’ve done that start at the top of the head and try to indent a bit to show where your hair starts. Then travel down, form your hair, and the the same to the other side. Now all you have to do is erase your lines and your drawing is complete!

Dear School Board...

Dear School Board,

I think that the school should consider

getting vending machines to place in the halls

because the school will earn money from it,

teach students to eat healthier, and give

students a fun snack to look forward to.

Students have a need to eat healthy.

So why not create a fun way to promote

healthy eating? Vending machines can do

the job! Not all vending machines have

unhealthy food. The students can choose

to buy healthy food along with the unhealthy

food that usually comes with vending

machines. Also through the healthy food in

vending machines, students will learn the

value of healthy food. We will have more

energy for school-related events such as

athletics, and be healthier altogether. The

healthier we are, the more things we will

be able to accomplish, and the more we

will be able to learn.

Vending machines also give students a

fun snack to look forward to. After

a long day of working hard, don’t you think

that we deserve a reward? Fun snacks will

fulfill that request. A fun snack will also make

our day brighter. Fun snacks help us have a

better attitude for the rest of our day. If we

were having a bad day before, that frown will

be turned upside-down because we have had

something to brighten up our day.

The school also earns money from the

money spent by students buying food from

school vending machines. The money can go

to restock the vending machines, but that’s not

all. The money left over can go to buy things

the school needs, such as school supplies.

That money can also go to planning school

activities. Academics, sports, and extracurricular

activities can all benefit from extra money.

Want to hold a karate class after school? An

extra art program? Book club? That money

from the vending machines would go to

good use. Vending machines can be used in

wholesome, beneficial ways because the

school will earn money from it, teach students

to eat healthier, and give students a fun

snack to look forward to.


Katie Foster